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Landscape Services

A high-quality lawn maintenance program begins with understanding your needs and objectives for your West Palm Beach, FL area property. Based on your feedback, we develop a custom-tailored maintenance program for your specific property that keeps your preferences, needs and budget in mind.

We take extra steps to focus on the smallest details that will improve your community’s appearance in the West Palm Beach, FL area. Attention to detail is always top priority, from trimming your plants and hedges, edging and weeding, to the final clean-up after each service. Any company can cut grass but top quality equipment and sharpened blades will show a visible difference at the end of each cut.

Regular maintenance service is a key factor for the operation and performance of our equipment. Before crews are dispatched, all lawn maintenance equipment is refueled, started and tested.

Strong communication skills between our office staff and employees make for a great combination.

If a lawn maintenance crew observes an irrigation related issue, company procedures are followed to notify the appropriate contact person, then proper channels are taken to complete the repair (i.e. work orders, authorization forms, e-mails, or fax).

A properly scheduled fertilization and pest control program is essential to promote new growth and rid your property of unsightly weeds and infestation (i.e. chinch bugs, dollar weeds and dandelions).

Routine perimeter hedge trimming is important to maintain a strong and healthy privacy hedge. Before hurricane season starts, trimming of palms and trees is always an important part of maintenance.

Here are some examples of the types of accounts we service, whether it is a large community or a small residential home. We can handle every aspect of your lawn maintenance needs.
Our Landscaping Services: