Rust Prevention

Rust Prevention

Rust Prevention

You can prevent rust stains from damaging your West Palm Beach, FL area property, walks, siding, plants, and lawn furniture with a very simple and inexpensive process.

This system will save you unnecessary repairs, eliminates damages to vehicles, no repainting yearly, no unsightly stains, and your sprinkler system will be protected from mineral deposits and scaling. With the rising cost of utilities, the advantage of using the well water system is that you can save a significant amount of money by not using a city or county water supply to irrigate your West Palm Beach, FL area property.

Injection Feeder Systems

An injection system consists of a metering pump, tubing, a feed tank and the proper amount of solution Adjusting the dosage and monthly monitoring is vital for a rust stain-free sprinkler system. Our pumps have an adjustable dial that can increase or decrease the amount of solution that is injected into the irrigation system to dissolve the minerals that create rust staining.

Siphon Pump System

The alternative to a metering pump system is a siphoning system. They are less dependable and reliable and the amount of solution injected into the system is preset and cannot be adjusted. If the tank that holds the solution empties, it is possible to lose prime in your system and cause damage to the pump. We are able to service these systems but will not install them.

Quiet and Reliable

The metering pump has advanced noise reduction which makes it virtually silent, making it ideal for
residential applications in the West Palm Beach, FL area. These units are well designed and have chemically resistant housings to provide
superior protection for outdoor application.

Identifying Well Water Stains and Causes

Many well irrigation systems produce well water stains on walls, driveways, sidewalks, plants, shrubs and trees.

There are a number of different minerals present in water that can cause well water stains. Generally the color of the stain indicates what is causing the problem.

Below are the most common well water stains and their sources:

Stain Color – Stain Source

Q: Will a rust tank system cause my plants to wilt or die?

A: No. If you are using a rust prevention system, it will not harm your plants or grass.

Q: If I have a rust tank system installed, can Evergreen maintain it?

A:Yes. We offer monthly maintenance contracts and fill the tank with a concentrated solution.